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Old Virginia Wood Wick Candle

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I purchased one of these and have been burning it for awhile now. I really do like them! No complaints from me except that the wick isn't centered. The hangup on the side of the jar is finally catching up on about the 5th burn.

DH just commented I'm going to have to move the candle OUT of the living room! He says it reminds him of food cooking! He said it sounds like I'm cooking eggs or fried potatoes! LMAO! Anyway, I thought I'd share my experience with ya'll. :laugh2:

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Guest inkbeet

Is this one that you made yourself? I've been thinking about trying the wood wicks out. I can't figure out how the wicks stand up from the instructions. Do they have any kind of base?

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I just bought one of these to test alongside my own wood wicks (when they arrive) and I've been burning the OVWW for 2 days. Here's my opinion:

At the store, out of the 5 Applewood (the scent I bought), 4 of them the wick was grossly off center. The one I got was pretty much in cenetr, but MOST of the ones were WAY off center. Maybe they have to outsource the candlemaking to people who really don't care about straight wicks.

All the candles had wet spots and most had pulled away from the glass containers. None had frosting.

The melt pool is not enought. After 4 hours there is still 2 centimeter of solid wax around the edge. I'm sure it will catch up as the glass narrows.

What is great: SCENT THROW. OMG this scent throw is amazing. It KILLS my ECO-135! I'm so jealous that I need to know what they use. It says soy wax but I think it MUST be a 70/30 blend as there is NO frosting and none of the normal behavior that burning soy displays.

So if anyone knows what blend they are using PLEASE PM me, or reply as I MUST do tests on this. The throw is amazing.



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I don't know what wax they use nor have I burned a WW candle of theirs but I have been testing the wood wicks from C&S in my soy candles.


1) The hot scent throw is MUCH better with the wood wicks than with my usual HTP wicks.

2) I get a full melt pool much quicker and the depth is consistent no matter how long the candle has been burning.

3) The sound of the wood wick is really soothing in a quiet room.


1) The wicks are really hard to keep trimmed to the right height. My first burns are perfect but once I re-light I'm finding that it's a 50/50 shot of the wicks staying lit.

2) Very inconsistent from wick to wick. I trimmed all wicks to the exact same height and found that the flame height on each wick was very different. Strangely, this didn't affect the burn of the candle at all.

3) You can't hear the sound the wick makes unless it is very quiet or you get right on top of the candle.

I'll use the wicks for my own enjoyment but I can't see the normal consumer having much luck with the wood wick candles. This is JMO as a result of my own testing but I do wish you luck and hope your testing proves successful.

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I'm testing the wood wicks here also, I purchased some from C&S. You can't hear them at all compared to the OV WW candle. The melt pool and throw is very good, but the snap, crackle and pop is very faint to none. Their also MUCH thicker than the OV wicks...I'm tempted to make my own wood wicks and try those instead.

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I have a question for you all about a problem a friend has had with Woodwick Candles. She had used this candle before without any problems. But one time, as she was in the bathtub, the candle started to burn like a roman candle. She got out of bathtub and wanted to move the candle to kitchen sink as the bathroom sink was too shallow for the size of the flames. As she was walking carefully to kitchen, the candle "erupted" and shot off flames with debris covering her arm. She doesn't think it was wax as there was no wax residue. She claims there was no wind, draft etc that influenced the candle to act the way it did. Have any of you experienced problems like this?

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