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General Bottle Supply S*CKS


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Everyone probably knows by now that I'm quick to gripe and complain about suppliers who rip you off with shipping, but this place takes the grand prize.

The first time that I ordered, I requested a shipping quote so they called me. When I received my boxes (no invoice), I checked my account and was charged a whopping $21.00 extra for shipping without telling me. I did a Fed Ex estimate that was in line with their original quote, called them and they refused to do anything. :angry2:

Ok, idiot that I am and only being able to get the items I needed from them for the lowest price, I recently ordered again. This time, they charged me over $85 for a $75 order with the excuse that shipping rates had gone up and blah blah blah. Well, I just measured and weighed the boxes to get an estimate...almost $30 MORE than the Fed Ex quote! AND they sent an incorrect item and said I didn't specify the particular type even though I told them I wanted the same lids as the last order after describing it.

Granted, I still came out cheaper on the containers by a few cents each even though they raised the price slightly, but it burns my a$$ that they overcharged so much on shipping and do not correct their mistakes. :mad: <----closest I could get to a firebreathing smiley

Rant over, back to your regularly scheduled program.

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