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There is one! Some stores carry perfumes by a company called "Demeter" & they have a "Playdoh" spray!! I know Ulta & Sephora carry it. But I don't know who has a dupe of it or how to mix it. Sorry! I know that sometimes certain vanillas or frosting or birthday cake FO's tend to smell playdoughy

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One of the 1st oils I carried was called "Mountain Fresh" from Royal Aromatics and when I opened that bottle, I swore up and down that it was a dupe of "Playdoh"! Every man that smelled it "Loved it"! It never did a thing for me because it had that Playdoh smell. I went to their site and can't see it anymore, but there is one called "Nature Fresh" that might be the old Mountain Fresh??? Email or call and find out if they still carry it.

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