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A few chunk ?


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Is the 1343 a good wax to use for chunk candles? Abut how long do you let your wax set up before you cut it? How much is a good amount of wax to melt for using 3X6.5 mold and or 3x3.5? Do you scent them the same? Can 1343 be used for container chunks too? One more ? Just remember to keep the chunks away from the wick so that is doesn't drown, I read that how do you keep them away?


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1343 can be used for chunks, but the fragrance load is low, only 3%. I add vybar when making chunks so that I can add more FO, usually 1/2 tsp per lb. of wax. I make the chunks in a 8 x 8" cheapo square baking pan. I use 12 oz of wax per pan. 1 lb. of chunks will make 2 3 x 4 1/2" pillars. Use a spatula to light score the squares after 30 minutes or so, when the wax is pretty firm but not completely set up. When they are hard you can snap them apart.

You can do them two ways, use the mold the normal way and you will have a flat top. Or, you can pile the chunks up so they overflow the top and use the candle upside down, so to speak. The chunks around the wick should bot be an issue.

1343 is good as the overpour wax as it is fairly translucent. I scent the overpour as well as the chunks. Do not add vybar to the overpour. To figure how much overpour wax you will need, just take the mold capacity, less the weight of the chunks.


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