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How do you sell the Levine burners and such?


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They seem sooo pricey to me even at "wholesale" prices. :confused:

I think they are very nice, and I'd love to have some of the different ones, but I'm wondering how you could possibly buy them for so much, and then turn around and try to sell them for a profit?

Maybe you're not selling them for much of a profit, but just to get people to buy your tarts??? yah, maybe that's it. ;)

Can anyone advise me on this issue?

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I agree, they are very pricey. I mark them up to make almost a 50% profit. That way I can still have a sale and not be losing money. They sell pretty well for me. I buy the Illuminating Candle Warmers, because people can't find those at a local store. They are unique. The thing I like about them is that they require no extra work on my part - so they are just profit. They also help my wickless candles sell. All those factors make the cost of having them on hand worth it to me.

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