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Soy wax sticking in Silicone mold

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I'm making people candles with a two part silicone mold that I made. I tried using Eco Soya pillar blend from DSP Morris with poor results. The problem is that no matter what I add to the wax(stearic acid) or what I do to the mold(spraying with mold release)or trying different pour temps the wax will not release the candle without a fight. The soy wax also seems to be very brittle and the candle sometimes breaks when I take it out of the mold. I did try mixing it with paraffin pillar blend(50soy/50 paraffin) and it fixed the sticking problem, however, when I tried adding color (liquid or powder)I got micro bubbles and at all pouring temps(150-200). I went back to test without the color it turned out fine. So the color is the problem and it seems to be with the soy and not the paraffin. I could go with no color but I'm trying to save time since the candle is 90% painted and the color is the flesh tone. I would like to stay with soy without tearing up my mold and I'm not keen on making my own blend, is there a soy brand that's good with silicone molds or a dye that can work with this type of blend?

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Your not suspose to use any sprays/mold release on silcone molds. I would wash with hot soapy wate, rinse and dry good. Get the mold cold, might help and pour hot. When I pour hot the item looks better. As far as color goes. I have only made embeds in dark colors with the silicone molds and if I let them set up for too long several hours they get a whiteish look. And if it looks like whites bumbs then use the heat gun to wipe clean before pouring. I know with a large mold they say to let stand over night so having the mold cold before pouring might help with the release. Pour fast so it doesn't show pour lines. Good luck. JMHO

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