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Speaking of great noses......


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I just got finished pouring about 8 of Lisa Canon's oils and they are unbelievably awesome! I cannot get over the quality and uniqueness of her oils. Here's what I poured:

Mediterannean Garden Spa - great spa like scent. Very upscale!

Plum Currant Preserves - I love it. So unique and yummy!

Rhubarb Plum - Love it. Didn't think I would OOB.

Sparkling Green Tea Garden - Would be great in B&B also. Great scent

Noire Cedre Vino - This one has to be my favorite!

Barlett & Basil - Great pear scent. Very Fresh.

Juniper & Aloe - Awesome! Can't stop smelling.

Lady Apple - Very crisp apple scent

If you are looking for great oils at great prices, you need to try these! I really cannot get over these oils! They smell so good! I know she tests in Bluegrass's soy so I'm sure they will be great burning! But, the cold throw is awesome! Lisa has an awesome nose for oils!!!!!!

I just had to add in that Lisa owns Oklahoma Fragrance Supply for anyone that didn't know.

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OFS has been on my list of suppliers to try for some time now- thanks for the feedback on her oils. Do you know if she ever has sampler sales? I don't ever see them. By the way, thanks to your post on Greenleaf's thread, I just ordered 20 more fo's! I already had my list and knew they were having 10% off, but your post pushed me over the edge. I have to say, I need another fo like I need a hole in my head! lol I never dreamed making candles could turn into such a horrible addiction:yay: !


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I'm sorry Valerie. I know what you mean! All I need is a slight reason to buy, like 10% off, and there I go. I couldn't help myself. But, I am not kidding about OFS. These oils are so great and her prices are not that bad, especially for the quality of her oils. I bought these oils during a sale she was having I think right before Christmas. She posted it in the Supplier announcements section. It was a sample sale and a pre-buy I believe. I also bought Exotic Amazon Teakwood, Cranberry Ginger Spice Tea, Manuka & Lavender Body Wrap & Sweet Peas & Cream but I haven't put them in wax yet! They all smell great OOB! You won't be disappointed!

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