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Review on NG fragrances!


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I posted this on another thread but thought I should start a new one with this information... these are some great scenst from NG.. One interesting note is NG's Yacht Club is the same as Solas' Seabreeze. Both smell great. You guys have to try NG's Palm Island.. super strong and very different.. reminds me of a Solas type fragrance. I also got the following..

Hydrangea - awesome floral, throws well

Yacht Club - great oob

Lilac - great oob, strong and true

Palm Island - becoming a big seller

Pikaki - very strong oob

Dreama - really pretty scent oob.. very surprised.. would be awesome in soap

Fresh Peach - strong oob, but never can tell with Peach until in wax

Melon Mist - nice scent.. not sure if it would throw well. kind of light

Capri Olivo - really nice and strong oob- great for soap or candles

Lemon - VERY surprised! Like grated zest oob... my new Lemon fragrance!

Romance - very pretty scent. strong. would work well for candles or soap

Country Apple - Nice apple scent.. still prefer Apple peel from AWE

Hot Baked Apple Pie - Very strong oob... great for candles.


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