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Do you mean Onlinelabels.com? If that's what you're tallking about, I ordered one time, about a month ago without any problems. It seems I received my order in a short amount of time.

I would give them a phone call instead of waiting for an email answer. I had a problem with a totally different company once and called them up, only to discover they never entered my order. They had it, and repeated it to me and couldn't offer any excuse why it happened. Lucky thing I called, because I imagine if I didn't I never would have received my order.

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I couldn't help but meddle...I called them at 904.363.8997 and actually spoke to a person to see if they have some kind of back log. The man that answered said they did have on the 3.5 x 5 labels, but they hope to have everything taken care of & shipped on Monday.

Give them a call this morning if you can! The man was so helpful--he asked me what size label you ordered, or what your zipcode was, trying to find anything to see what might have caused a delay. Of course I had no details.

I hope you can get through and get some answers.

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