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Question about testing wicks


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When testing wicks in containers you look for clean burning (wick not smoking etc). Sometimes you see a puff of black. Is this ok if it occasionally does this? (I know it may do this when someone walks past or if there is a draft). I was test burning a container and I seen the occasional black puff when there wasn't any drafts etc.

And would you consider your container clean burning as long as your container doesn't have black soot left on it after burning the candle?

Just trying to get this testing crap down pat. :P

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From my point of view, when testing, you may get the occasional black puff of smoke... but as long as its not continual or thick black, you should be ok. All wicks will have some degree of smoke.... just the nature of the beast...lol..... anyway... HTH:)

I agree. And if I see that a candle is throwing off continuous black smoke, it usually means it needs to be trimmed. I power burn candles and after 5 or 6 hours they'll start to smoke if the wick isn't trimmed. I just warn everyone that if they powerburn candles they should walk by it with a pair of scissors every few hours and trim the wick. Everyone (who doesn't make candles) seems to think that a longer wick is a good thing and it's hard to train them to actually cut that wick very short to get the best burn!


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