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Wholesale Terms


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What all do you guys have for your wholesale terms? I am *finally* getting around to putting my terms and junk down into writting instead on winging it (darn it, I want my wholesale accounts, all of my accounts have gone belly up or quit ordering :mad: , so I am going after some accounts!) Anyway, I finally decided on better pricing and went on ahead and added my small jars, those are the ones everyone always asked on, I won't make much $$ on them, but I am putting a high case order on them for that reason. ANYWAY, back to the topic at hand. I am NOT net 30 days or anything (I won't go through trying to track down $$ again, which is why I am not trying to get back one wholesale account) but other than that, what are your others terms & conditions? Sorry, am in a rambling mood today:D


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I give them the same terms that "I" get from Peaks, NG, and all the other companies I buy from. My wholesale account has picked up over 3500.00 worth of product from 2 orders in the past 2 weeks. I cant buy materials if I dont have the cash in hand. Remember what ever you do, you dont want to be stuck with something that you wish you would not have started. You can alway extend your terms as you get bigger but its hard to go the other way and go from 30 days to cash on delivery. Pick something you can live with. Most stores can pay you on delivery, its just most of them dont want to if they dont have to.


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