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Peaks Coconut Milk?


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I've used this - and continue to do so - in paraffin pillars, and I love the scent! I gave a couple of votives to a friend, and she's asked for more.....

I will say that OOB it's not very pleasing, but have found that it really wakes up in the wax. But then again, I think scent is very subjective. Some people rave about certain scents, and others think they're awful!

Let us know what you decide on and how you enjoy it......

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I tried NG coconut years ago and it smelled like a rubber tire to me :undecided They have a good coconut cream pie though. I love KY's CCP but it does discolor. I also tried Tradewinds coconut and think that was the truest I have smelled but in my pillar wax it got fuely. Would love to try it in soy but there shipping scares me. I got a sample of BCS coming to try, crossing fingers cause I haven't really heard anything on it.

Thanks Margarita, if this don't work out I'll give it shot on my next peak order :)

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