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Shipping Gel Candles?

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I can only tell you the way we ship our gel candes. For the pies, cinni buns, brownies, shortcakes and such, we place tightly, a piece of plastic wrap around the tops. Then we place the entire candle in a clear plastic clam shell type box and tuck either bubble wrap or packing foam inside the clam shell to make a fairly tight fit so the candle won't jiggle when being shipped. Then of course we place this in the shipping box and use packing peanuts. We have not had any problems with this method. We did learn the hard way that especially in warm weather if you put bubble wrap or even packing foam right next to the gel then the gel will take the weird shape of the material that is next to it. It can look so weird when the top of your strawberry shortcake has indentations in it the shape of bubble wrap! Yuck!

Of course you will need to figure out what works for you, but this is the way we ship our gel candles. Best wishes. Soapymomma

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