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So I was making bath bombs...


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So I was making bath bombs, and I get a phonecall. I stopped what I was doing--leaving my mixture uncovered. When I returned, I finished packing my bombs into their molds and waited to release them.

When I released them they fell out and crumbled back into powder. This has never happened before. I'm guessing it's because it got too dried out while I was taking my little break.

Does anyone know if:

1) I could just add a little oil to re-moisten it again and then put it back in the molds?

2) I should just package it as a fizzy bath powder?

3) All is lost?

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I mix just a bit of oil and some water in a spritzer then "rewet" the mixture. Mind you, it only takes a bit, but you should be able to salvage the remaining mixture and form them into bombs.

They may start fizzling (second time in 20 mins I used that word and I'm still not sure it's spelled right!) a little, but you'll be ok, just keep moving.

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