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Loving Scented Candles


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I have been reading a lot of post here about making candles and business wise. I am not getting into Candle business just to save money or anything like that. I am just picking this up for a new hobby. But i do love candles, don't get me wrong. I know it can be addictive and expensive, but am dead boring and need something to get in cuz i am definitly not goin to sew or bake cookies. I love the scents, like to have my home smelling like something. I will still keep reading and posting here for as long as possible. Everyone's horror stories or funnies are good to learn from your experiences.

I appreciate those who have posted messages or will post messages for me, because i am learning everything i need to know from each of you. Thank you for being kind and understanding from where i am coming from. :wink2:

Also wanted to know which is the closest Candle supplier, I am in the state of New York. But keep all the wonderful messages coming.


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Stacey, I think several NY and PA candle suppliers were listed on your other post. One Stop Candle is located in NYC. Their web site has a lot of how to information. Even has an on-line beginners class that covers many safety issues. I would recommend checking out their web site for the beginners info they have. Candlewic, PA, has min. order requirements. Candles and Supplies, PA, has a variety of products many reasonably prices. As you read the posts you'll find that many buy their containers from a local supplier, WalMart, Dollar Tree, etc to save on shipping. For scents you can't beat Peak which sponsors this board. Go to Supplier Announcements for the link to their web site. They have a FO sample pack so you can experiment with a variety of scent.

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