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Body Powder Container and Flavored B&B Products


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I have a great recipie for body shimmer powder, but I have looked everywhere for a container & can't find any other than the "shaker" type containers, and I was really looking for something more like a cardboard container with a puff. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, I was wondering...could you flavor a product like a body spray or body powder with a sweetend flavor oil? Thanks everyone! :)

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Thanks, Lisa!

Haha the reason i was asking about the flavor oils was that I had some of jessica simpson's body spray and i just ran out (they went on sale & they're sold out now around here) & wanted to see if i could mix up a little of my flavor oil in the old bottle. ;) I'll give it a try & let you know if it's any good!

hmmm, heres a shaker bottle


and here are some puffs & containers HTH :wink2:

I'm sorry, I don't know if I missed something but is there supposed to be a link under that? I didn't see any puffs but I dont know if I just overlooked something:laugh2:

Thanks again!

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