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Body Butter (?)


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I joined a mango and shea butter co-op a month ago. When I recieved my butters they were really soft so I put them in the fridge. They've been their ever since. Is it okay to store them there?

Last weekend I mixed some mango, shea and some organic coconut oil ( from the health store) scented peach, magnolia, rasberry. I let some ladies test it to get their opinions and they are going nuts over it. :confused: Alot of them love the way it's solid and then melts when it touches the skin. They are wanting to buy it and I'm scared to sell it. There are no preservatives in it. I have read alot of your post about stuff going bad or growing yuckies. Does anyone know how long it last without preservatives? Days, weeks, months?

Sorry so long, Tia.

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You do not need to add a preservative as no water is being introduced to it. If you are selling it then make sure it is labeled correctly with all ingredients for people with allergies. The shelf life will depend on the ingredients. A bit of vitamin e will help stablize the oils, Not preserve it! They will probably use it quicker than it will go rancid. I believe Mango butter and shea has a 2 year shelf life it not longer if in a cool dark area.

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