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Scents...How Many & Scent "Collections"?


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I'm have a tough time with this. There are soo many scents I love for my bath & body products, but I'm wondering how I should do this...I will be selling them on the internet (it'll be a long time before that happens though:wink2:)...should I have a drop down list of all my scents (probably about 50+) or should I narrow it down to a couple and have a seperate "collection" for each scent? As in a different color label for each scent (think Bath & Body works original scents...how they have like 5-10 and a bit different packaging for each scent).

Then again, I really like pink and kind of wanted to use that color for all my packaging. :undecided And if I did offer only a couple scents, how can I compete with all the other etailers that have a TON of scents.

I'm just a little confused right now and would love *any* suggestions or advice anyone would have. Thanks so much!

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You know I stared with a crap load of scents for b&b...and tried to make each lable different..and then the LIGHT BULB went off in my head that time is money..and I have found there are 7 scents that sell for me well..ok 6 one is a new one that I blended myself..(thanks to Scented's idea)...and that is what I am carrying..the lables are all the same for each scent except for the NAME of the actual Scent..I use color to coordinate it with the products.

It is alot of work making lables and if you don't watch yourself you can spend wayyyyyy more time than necessary working on them.

I like pink to..lol..my colors are pink/black/white/with some gray....:D

...and bath & body has way more than 5-10 scents..I can't keep up with them anymore ..and frankly don't want to.. I kinda like making my own scent names up and my own combinations of fragrance..going to do more of that in the future.

as far as a drop down menu with 50...are they all b&b safe? ..do you really want to have to make that many? and carry that many in stock scents?

things to ponder.

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