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Reviews for Texas Candle Supply


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All tested in 100% soy wax at 7-1/2% cured 1 week.

:thumbsup: Wisteria - Have to start with this one. Wish Spring wasn't so far away. I LOVE this one! Very strong. Beautiful floral scent. I'll be adding this next spring.

:) Caramel Pecan Pie - Nice and caramelly (is that a word?). Not as strong of a bakery scent as I expected. I could probably go up or down on the % and get a better throw. Smells just like ASS's to me, and you know how great their is.

:sad2: Clean Cotton - I just have NO luck with this scent. I'm getting a very faint throw. Not going to mess with it though cause they have tons more "clean" scents that aren't done to death like clean cotton. I'll be doing some reviews on others next week (like linen & lace which I'm really excited about).

:undecidedCreme Brulee - This is strong, but I'm picking up notes of chocolate in it. May just be my nose. Definatly worth a try if you're looking for that type of scent.

Just a note, it's VERY hard for me to find scents that throw in my soy so I'm sure others will get better results than me.

I'll be testing a bunch more and posting the results next week since my hubby will be out of the way with dove season opening and all.


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Just found that tester along with a few others. Burning them as I type and will post the reviews in a few min. I'm picking up more today that have the "Texas" theme and I'll post the reviews in a week (fingers crossed).

I don't like the Dusty Mexican Morning, but everyone I've had smell it loves it. Hate having to make scents I don't like. Why are they always the ones that smell up your house for days!:eek:

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Found four more testers I missed earlier:

icon_biggrin.gif Dusty Mexican Morning - This one is strong. To me it smells like a floral rose. I'd probably call it Dusty Rose. My other "nose" says she can smell citrus in it. Not my favorite, but everyone else who has smelled it loves it so looks like I'll be carrying it.

icon_smile.gif Sugar Cookie - This one is good, but I'm sticking with Sissie's. Still haven't found one that's close to theirs.

icon_biggrin.gif Birthday Cake - Very strong! I really like this, but smells more like Wedding Cake to me. A lot sweeter than birthday cake.

icon_biggrin.gif Frankensence & Myrrh - This is one of the best F & M's I've smelled. Most of them have a bit of a bitter undertone, but I really like this one. Not overpowering, a bit of powder. This is a softer scent, but very nice.

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Just finished making over 180 votives for a Craft show in November -

my reviews stand as follows:

Bought these scents from www.TexasCandleSupply.net -

Chipotle Cracked Pecan - very strong, scrumptious - AND I didn't need to use as much as I did (about 5 Tablespoons per 4 lbs/wax). I have a votive burning in my kitchen right now, and could smell it all the way to the second floor. Normally a Votive is good for scenting small areas only...

Dusty Mexican Morning - I'd give it a thumbs up, though it wasn't what I expected...has a softness to it that is very appealing.

I'm curious to know what colors a person would use with this fragrance?

My opinion in the matter is ALWAYS get a sample before venturing into making candles.

I once bought Garden Pavillion from "Candles and Supply Company" (up in Yankee land...) and it smelled great in the bottle, but I didn't like it when I burned it.

Go figure...

take care, ya'll

Texas Rose

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I have been itching to try the Chipotle Cracked Pecan. I am glad you liked it. What kind of wax are you using? That one (and a few others) just sounded so intriguing! the other one that just kind of made me sit up and say "ohhh, gotta try that" is the Mesquite Chili." I guess I feel like I have seen every FO known to man, so those two just really grabbed me.

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