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any one have a good liquid bath soup recipes


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You will have to play around with it.

I use my shredded CP soap and water. Sometimes I heat my shredded soap pieces in a pan with water... and then just adjust the amount of water that I need. Sometimes I just put it in the bottles without heating it.

As far as how long it will last, it depends how much you use. It is nothing like bar soap.. I am having problems understanding that question.

I would not add any additional oil, it will not mix with water anyway.


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i ment how long would it last before it went bad or does it go bad.i made some tonight that i got the recipe from another site.it was chop the bar soap up and add boiling water and simmer added 1 tbls.of caster oil and 1/2 tbls. of glycerin.when soap is all mixed.add scent and color was easy and feels great.i would use a bar soap that was milder than the one i used. was trying to do something with some i made that was to drying on the skin.it feels great going on but after awhile my skin feels dry.

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