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Aroma Haven Question


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I recently bought some oils from Aroma Haven but I'm not sure which formulation to buy. They have Chermark, Longwyck, Soap-N-Candles and their own formulation. Which one is the best? Does anyone know?

By the way, how do I find out what all of these abbreviations mean?

(ISO, WSP, etc)

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Greetings and welcome !!

In the GeneralCandlemaking Forum, there is a thread at the top, of links for Newbies.

There are also various threads at the top of each different forum.

ISO = In search of

WSP = Wholesale Supplies Plus

Also in reference to your ? about AH- for what application will you be using your FO's? Are you doing candles (what kind of wax) or B&B, or both??


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So far, with what I've encountered: THEY ARE ALL GOOD!!!! (that's the good news & the bad news:p !!!)

As for the abbreviations, go to the top of this "Fragrance Discussion"page & you'll see the very first post is:"Supplier Abbreviations & Links". :)

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Thanks guys,

I've actually only made 2 candles but I'm using Cargill NatureWax from Lonestar ( all soy container blend ). They are the first company I came across, so I bought their wax. If there is any better, please let me know. So far, my 2 candles have had a great scent throw. I used oils from Soylutions and NG. ( by the way, I found the abbreviation thread right after I posted )

I bought a couple of their scents and I'm not disappointed. I just wanted to know for future reference because I just bought a couple of samples.

Thanks and I'm glad to join you guys!

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