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Need your help finding special FOs!!


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I am looking for two special scent I've found in candles from a small candle company and which I cannot live without anymore: the one is a powdery, slightly musky scent and has definitely some fresh floral notes in it. It's called "Sweet Dreams" by the company and is a nice scent for the sleeping room, also smells great in soap.

The other one is also a musky scent (the company describes it as a spicy musk, but I cannot detect the spice in there), very powdery and very soothing. Also a very clean, soapy scent. It's called "Simple Pleasures" by the company.

Can anybody think of such a FO or a blend?;)

I am simply addicted to these scents!!!

Thank you,


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I believe the sweet dreams may actually be the Johnsons &Johnsons Bedtime bath dupe. I actually have tarts, lotion and perfume in the scent "sweet Dreams" that I ordered from an e-tailer and it ended up being the J&J dupe. It is a great scent. I hope this helps some!

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