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Any thoughts on EL's Millenium Blend/can I mix different brands?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm very new at this but I have been trying several different soy waxes...I was reading the other day about Enchanted Lites Millenium Blend and how it was the Cadillac of Soy Waxes and a one pure ect...So I excitedly orderd a 10lb sample and I have been very dissapointed with the perfromance of this brand. I'm getting a lot of wet spots and crater tops and I have tried pouring at various temperatures. I do find that once set it burns and dries nicely but I'm getting very unattractive candles to say the least...has anyone else tried this brand if so any thoughts or recomendations ? :cool2:

BTW..I'm getting a very attractive candle with Nature Wax C3 but not such a good burn...can I mix the two together?

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