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When to repour???

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I am making floating candles for my cousin's wedding next month. They are leaves and acorns, but since the detail is on the top (the bottom of the mold), I will be putting them in the water crystals (plus I think they look better that way). Anyways, I am using CBL 129 and I put some stearic acid in trying to harden them up. However, I am only getting about 2 hours burn and I would like to get abou 4. I tried a tealight wick and it burnt too fast. The wax shrunk and I think if I repour to the top, then they should burn a bit better.

When do I repour? Before they are totally set or when? This is my first time doing a free standing (floating) candle.



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How deep are your floaters? Many just aren't deep enough to get 4 hours out of. The additives might help, but if they are too thin there isn't much you can do to extend the burn time that long. I do my repour after 1/2 hour, at same temp as original pour, this way I get them out of the way quickly. HTH. Janette

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