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So, I got a kit from Peak.

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This is actually a great question. I popped on Peak's site, and here's the deal...you will be able to make one of each type of pillar candle (so 5 candles)...as your mold will hold 1 lb. and 7 oz. of wax...you will use the remaining 9 oz. of wax for the 2nd pour to fill in your relief holes. So in other words, in your pour pot, melt 2 lbs. of wax...this will be enough for your first pour and your second. For detailed instructions on how to make pillars, rustic pillars, etc., go to the "Basic Instructions" portion of Candletech...it will give you written and pictorial instructions on how to make your wonderful pillar candles!!! Good luck...Peaks has given you some yummy scents to work with...LOVE their Lilac FO. Hope this helps!

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That definitely helps! Thanks so much. I just didnt' want to melt 2lbs and then have extra wax with nothing to do with it. I can't wait to get started!

you can use the extra wax to make melts (tarts);) ..IF you have any left after your repour..you can use just about anything now adays for a mold for melts..as long as you can get it out of the container.. I use little star candy things from make N mold..that are in the candy section at craft store...they also have round and square

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