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Wickless Candles--Scent Throw Question

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I bought a few boxes of the Ball Premiere Elite 4-oz jars to try wickless candles in for fall craft shows. I just love the looks of these jars, so I poured my first wickless candles this weekend. I popped one on my candle warmer yesterday, got a great scent throw for about 6-8 hours, and then not much at all. I decided the scent throw is no better than that from one of my clamshell tarts (1 cavity from a 6-pack).

If the throw is no better from a 4-oz wickless candle than from a tart, why would people want to spend the extra money for a candle? Is there a secret to improving the scent throw in a wickless jar?



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I am not an expert at this but maybe it is your FO? We do a ton of wickless candles and only have that problem or similar with certain FO's. Like NG's Lilac...ZERO hot throw. But then we have a 5oz scented with Grandma's Kitchen from BCN and it has been on the warmer for 2 months (without ever taking it off or shutting the warmer off) and it still smells. Have never had one that threw for a few hours and was done tho. That seems odd.

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