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wax question

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I have never done clamshells, but think they will sell well around this area.I got in on the clamshell co-op and would like to know the best kind of wax to use in these. I know container wax is too soft, but could you use pillar blend or maybe part pillar blend and part container blend. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hey lola - that's what a lot of the women do. They do part pillar/part container wax. With straight pillar wax you get a great scent throw, but only for a short period of time. Adding in some container wax seems to lengthen the time it'll throw a scent.

And hey, J50 is hard enough that you can actually pour it into clamshells and then pop them out after they've set up! So using a straight container wax isn't always out of the question. (I got bored, just wanted to see if they'd come out).

In my very own opinion, I think that Comfort Blend has a throw that'll knock you off your feet in tarts. Mixing a little pillar wax with it makes an outstanding tart. I hate getting all gunky getting the wax out though.


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