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KJohnson...FOUND YOUR JAR!!!


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Funny thing. The only thing that I have the luxury of picking up locally is my 8oz. square masons, and now (possibly) my TVG jars. I stopped in this morning to pick up my order of jars...and there on the shelf......was that jar! I've seen it. I've held it. It really is that jar.

Not so funny thing, not sure if finding them will help you any. Cindym was correct, it is a Gamber Container product. It's called a 2-1/2 lb. Square. (12) per case, Gambers item # is GOT030. Unfortunately, Gamber doesn't ship glass, and I don't see a distributor close enough to you to even drive :embarasse.

HTH some.

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LOL....yeah, forgot to tell you that it's not listed on their site, but they DO have it. I promise. It's a square jar...the little ribs are on all 4 corners and get narrower as they get closer to the bottom, forming kind of an arrow pointing down. The sides (label area) are totally smooth.

I get mine from McLures Honey & Maple in NH. They don't stock those jars but they did have one on display. They don't stock my masons either....I order, they pick them up on their truck from Gamber weekly when they get their honey jars/bottles, and I pick 'em up from them.


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