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I just had to share!

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I think the swirling faerie has finally visited me and bestowed her magick swirling abilities on me - well for one batch at least...

The first pic is of my swirls *before* I figured out what I was doing - there were wonderful colors but I kept getting lil air holes no matter how much I pounded!

The second pic is of my swirls *after* I figured out how to do this quickly so my soap stayed at an early trace... :D There has to be a method to the madness!! lol

Scented in Mystical Musk and Witch's Cauldron... I think the faeries were finally drawn to me... ;)


Life & Light!


ETS - the second picture - the one with the multi colors - the greyish looking color is actually a dark green... my digital camera is MIA so I used my camera phone... :P I just cut these tonight and I was just so happy that something worked kinda like I wanted... lol



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