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whipped shea butter


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Someone out there tell me how long does it take the mixture to turn into a whipped mixture after it has cooled...I made my first batch today, needlesstosay, it never turned into "whipped butter". I used shea butter, mango butter, hempseed butter, sweet almond oil and cornstarch. I added tea rose oil for scent. WHAT DID I DO WRONG???:sad2:

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You have to whip it with a mixer until it gets to the 'whipped' consistency...sorta cool whip/frosting thickness. Fluffy is a good word for it. Are you following a whip/freeze recipe? Or just mixing at room temp? I know everybody seems to like doing it a different way, but you'll get the same results. Either way though, it won't turn into a whipped butter by itself by cooling. It'll just end up looking like a vaseline paste/balm (I learned that when one melted in the sun and that's what I got after it cooled).

Hope that helps ya! Whipped butters are FUN! I'm making a large batch right now in Tropical Peach Smoothie scent & I'm in between whip/freeze cycles, so thought I'd read a few posts lol.

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Ah, ok. I misunderstood your original post. Can you post your recipe (in percentages or amounts) so that we can see if maybe you're a little low on butters and high on soft oils?? It might be as simple as adding a little more butter to it. Mine...I normally whip, freeze, whip, freeze, etc..6-7 times, but I've actually stopped after just a few times and had it turn out ok. Weird that you're whipping the snot out of it and it's still not firming up.

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I Am Using Kimberly's Receipe That I Got From This Website.

12 Oz Shea Butter

2 Oz Mango Butter

2 Oz Hempseed Butter

5 Oz Sweet Almond Oil

2 Tsp Cornstarch

Sm Amt Of Tearose Oil For Scent

Thats It.

What Do U Mean Whip Then Freeze (actually Put In The Freezer) I Am New At This And This Is Probably A Stupid Question.

How Long To Whip And At What Speed On Mixer?


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I whip for about 2-3 minutes or so on med-hi, then put it in the freezer for a few minutes (no more than 5 mins), then I repeat those two steps whipping/freezing until I've got the whipped consistency I'm going for. You don't HAVE to freeze it. You can just whip, then wait a few minutes, then whip, etc. like you've been doing so far. I freeze mine because I've found that it helps to keep the shea from getting so grainy on me later. That's not a problem for everybody though. Another reason I freeze in between whipping is because it speeds up the process, and I usually don't have a lot of time to spend standing around waiting on it to firm up.

Go ahead and try sticking it in the freezer for 2-5 minutes and then whip it again and see if that makes a difference for ya. Then if you need to, stick it in the freezer for another 2-5 minutes and repeat til it looks the way you want. That recipe will make you an AWESOME whipped butter once you're done.

TIP: After getting it out of the freezer, take your rubber spatula or spoon and scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl you're using before you whip. That way everything will mix up perfectly for ya!

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You're very welcome! And don't worry about it turning out 'not quite right'. Whipped butters can always be re-whipped (learned that the hard way from my own mistakes, lol). You may even find your own preferred way of making them from now on. There's a lot of different methods. Some people repeat the whipping/freezing for several hours. Some, even overnight. And then others make terrific whipped butters without ever freezing them at all. It really depends on what's easiest for you and what you want the finished product to look like...and your batch size. I work with relatively small batches, so I can get mine done pretty quick, but if I were making a humongous amount of it, I'd probably have to spend hours whipping it too. ;)

Isn't experimenting FUN! Best of luck & keep us posted on how it goes.

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