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My insurance rant


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This is my third year of paying for insurance. The first increase was $30, over the previous year. This years increase is over $80 over last year! WTF!

I know it's the cost of doing business, but it just chaps my a$$ to have NO claims or any contact whatsoever, until time for the bill! :mad:

Thanks for letting me vent! I think I feel better.

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We had the same thing happen to us, so we changed companies. It seems that they think they have you locked in and start creeping up the prices each year. If you are not doing so already, get an independent insurance agent who writes commercial policies. They can get you several quotes. And then each year at renewal, if your rates rise, ask your agent to get more quotes. They normally will not unless you ask. Asking for new quotes each year will same lots. HTH

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New to this site and learning lots! Became a "hobby" candle maker in 2000 and am thinking about moving into a business. What types of insurance would I need to carry? And at what levels? Are there specific insurance carriers that cover this type of industry? Lastly, is it also best to become an LLC (limited liabilty corporation) to protect oneself even further? Any guidance would be appreciated.

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