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liquid soap.. using grated CP


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first - have any of you done this.. ?

I found a recipe and made some last night.. it went well, but this morning I looked and it had separated..

anyone have any ideas as to why or how I can fix it.. ?

thanks !

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If you made the soap with sodium hydroxide, it will never be true liquid soap, because sodium hydroxide wants to harden the soap (I'm trying to find an easy way to explain this). It'll be more gel like, thicker if you've added not much water and thinner if you've added a lot.

I make my laundry detergent using bars that didn't come out quite the way I wanted and it does seperate. I just SB it at least once, sometimes twice and then it no longer seperates. If I SB it a few times while it is cooling, it doesn't seperate at all. When it's all heated up, it's very thin, liquidy, but it thickens up a lot.

SB it a bit and then let it sit to see what it does.

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thanks so much... I'll try the stick blender with the next batch.

I don't really care that it's not "true" liquid soap.. it's just for family & friends that have asked...

I shook the crap out of it last night and it didn't separate when I looked this morning.. but that was then... we'll see when I get home.

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