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Newbie with a balloon problem

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Hi everyone! I made my first balloon candle and it turned out better than i expected. Now my problem is that the bottom of it is so thin that i can't level it out. I used 5055 wax, micro 180, and dipped it between 160 - 165. How do I get the bottom the same thickness as the sides? Any suggestions would be greatly appreiated. Jeff

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by chance did the bottom of the candle touch the bottom of your pot? this happens to me after I have made a lot of them and the wax is getting lower, I have even had the balloon be stuck in the wax and visible from the bottom, I had one bust this way, that was a nice mess and a waste of wax, so I try to be careful and have extra wax ready to re-add to the pot. You really need to have deep wax because as it hardens the wax really goes down, I am surprised of how much (my pot leaves rings of hard wax of where I started, thats how I tell) hope this helps.

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