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Backwoods FO's (new testers)


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I had the priviledge again of testing some new fragrances from Backwoods Fragrance Supply.

Here are the results of the FO's I tested.

**These results are for CP Soap**

Spring Clothes

This is a very clean crisp FO.

Smells alot like the liquid fabric softener I use. (Snuggle)

Soaped at room temp. and had lots of playtime.

No accelleration or discoloration.

The scent really comes out in the soap!! Terrific FO!!

Jakfruit Jam

To me this Fo is a combination of fruit and very light floral.

I am not a floral person ..... but this FO really is GREAT!!

Soaped at room temp. and had time for 2 colors.

There was just the slightest acceleration and it discolors to tan.

IMO this FO smells just as good in soap as oob!

White Willow & Tea

Very strong FO

You can really smell the floral and tea as though they were separate!

Soaped at room temp.

Plenty of time to play with colors if you want.

No accel. or discoloring.

The scent comes thru in the soap wonderfully!

Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake

This FO smells devine oob!

I soaped very cool and had plenty of time for 3 colors.

No acceleration but does discolor to dark tan.

When 1st put in the soap it doesn't smell very good.

But after it gells and sits to cure ..... the scent really

makes a comeback.

Passion Fruit & Guava

This is a very true FO. It smells just like the real fruits.

I soaped at room temp. and had plenty of time to play.

There was no discoloration or acceleration.

This scent smell just as good in the soap as it does oob!

Pakalana Blossom

This is a great FO for anyone who likes Floral and is looking for something new and different.

Soaped at room temp.

No accel. or discoloration. Plenty of time to play with colors.

This scent really comes thru in the soap!

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I haven't tested the White Tea and Willow or the Chocolate turtle cheesecake yet (hopefully tomorrow), but the other new ones are awesome!!!

The Spring Cotton sort of faded in my cp soap, hopefully it will come back! I think this would be a great scent for anything!

Jakfuit Jam: I agree with ya on this one jennie, it is great!

Passionfruit and Guava: Very strong, but not too strong.

Pakalana Blossom: Different. It is growing on me though.

All of these behaved very well and none have discolored (made them last Sunday).

I will hopefully get to the others tomorrow.


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