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Only added half Lye What do i do?


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I've just made a CP using:

8 oz coconut oil

12 oz Olive Oil

20 oz Rice Bran Oil

24 oz Lard

Put it thru lye calc at thesage.com and it told me 8.5oz of lye with the highest range of water at 24oz. I used the lower range of 18 oz of water but wondering why the heck it's soupy, my recipe book got changed over to the simple beginners recipe and i didn't check i was still using the same recipe and only added 4.5oz of Lye to 18 oz of water.


Just wondering can i mix the other 4oz of lye to 6oz of water to take it to the upper scale of 24 oz that the lye calc suggested.

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It has actually gone into a thick Gel like jelly in the bowl, i've just whisked it up by hand and it looks like it would of at a thick trace, Does anyone know if it will work to just pour it into the moulds now and put it to bed? Was going to pour half then add lye but then my lye count would be out so can't do that.

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Thanks Eugenia as i said in my PM to you i added the lye whisked it around and moulded it. I don't have a stainless steel pot, i bought what was suppose to be a wizz bang heat resistant glass one, i told the lady what i wanted it for etc. she said this one was brilliant, and it is super duper deep. BUT when i made my soap tonight the rotten thing cracked in 3 places. So had to quickly sort out my lye problem and get it moulded before it cracked right through or splintered glass into my soap. I like the sound of HP soap though so working up the courage now to try that one :D

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