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Corn cob??


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I am not sure if this is the right area to post this so I appologize ahead of time if Mods have to move this thread!

This is our first year growing our own corn and I would like to use the cobs for my sachets!! Can anyone please tell me HOW the heck to properly go about preserving the cobs and then how to process it to make sachets out of it?? TIA

God bless,


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What kind of corn are you growing? I believe Indian Corn, Field Corn or Popcorn are what you want....Sweet Corn cobs will be too soft and will rot.

After corn has dried remove kernals and allow cob to dry further. Then chop or grind cob in a food processor. If you are looking at a very large amount (as in a few acres of corn) take it to a local Livestock Feed Mill to shell and grind.

Hope this helps!

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