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Store ideas.


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..hey all I am getting my biz plan in line..figuring out what I am going to put in it as far as the design of the store..employee wares etc..

I have some ideas but would like some imput on things...hubby just got a GREAT new job and it looks like if we pinch..save and buy our house before the begining of next year I MIGHT be able to open before Sept of 07..we will see..

anyway..here goes!

Theme is soft pink/black/white..kinda retro ..but I like the old french kinda feel as well...you know a bit of antiques with some bowl & pitchers that kinda look.. walls are going to be soft pink/black trim..with black/white checked floor..white & black bookcases for fixtures as well as some round tables with white, black or pink table clothes..counters will be white..we want a sink near the counters for washing our hands and we are planning to make some items right in front of everyone...kinda the lotion bar idea but not to that extent..so we are going with a more contemporary sink..like the ones that sit on top of the counter...our out of site stock area..where candles will be made and major B&B items like bath bombs and such..will be in the back of the store (behind closed doors of course..can't give away all our secrets.:D )

our uniforms will be black pants or jeans in good repair..and a white/black or pink shirt with our name embroidered or screen printed on them...since we will make some things in front of customers..I am opting for a hair covering type item..thinking a ball cap with our name or maybe a pink/white, white/black or pink/black bandana. WHAT YA THINK?

This store is coming to life in my head and I have chosen the Rendezvous line from Nashville Wraps as my packaging.. It goes and I love it!.

Our sign I am going to make myself with large white wooden letters painted light pink on a black background. ...for now anyway until we can afford a better sign.. and maybe have a sign maker do those window sticker things as well. ..with our name and Bath & Body, Candles & Gift Baskets to put on the windows..

We have seen a few places in the area that are currently empty BUT those will probaby not be there when we go to make our final decisions.

I have been dreaming this place up in my head since we decided to open a shop next year..and my brain is going 100000000000 miles an hour with ideas.

If you got any to go along with it..or think mine stink..please enlighten me. :D;)

I am planning on making a standard type gift basket size to make it easy on me and anyone I employee..and everything will be packing in a pink/black/white theme..except the mens stuff it will be just black/white.

I can even extend this to victorian decor for the holidays since they use a lot of white/pink for deocrating. Yes I am thinking of Christmas already..I would live Christmas everyday if I could it is my favorite time of the year. :D

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OMG even i can see your store in my head that sounds (and mentally looks) amazing. I'm thinking black pants with pale pink shirt. Don't know about over there but here our supermarket workers all where black with white shirts. As for your head wear i'm thinking of those cute little (not sure what they are called) sometimes you see the waiters in upscale cafe's wearing them similiar to what the marines etc. wear. I'm thinking one of those, worn tilted to the side with "Pamperme" in pink down the side. Good luck with all your plans. Sounds amazing unfortunately i'll never be able to visit your store but hope to see pics on here closer to the end of next year.

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