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2 tone soaps in molds

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With out seeing the mold it is hard to say what way you should do this. Here are a few ways. My favorite is the micas. they do sell paints that can be used on soaps. I am not sure where you get then but I think I saw them at michaels. I think the might be acrylic paints but don't hold me to that. Some one else may know. But also you can make the soap then paint them with micas I do that all the time. I just lightly dust them with the micas and a small brush. if you want the colors deepeer then pastel then keep putting on more micas. I find adding a lttile at a time works better then a bunch at once. I also lightly blow on them to keep the dust from building up.

I have done it this way also but it is a pain and takes some practice. If the indented area you pour into is a small area then use a pipette to put some soap in then let it set up a bit. spritz with alcohol and add the next. You can keep the soap warm, You have to keep the soap fairly warm and thin for this to work, by setting the different colors in bowls in a hot water bath. Make sure you do not get any water in the soaps though. and make sure you spritz with alcohol as it will help the layers from separating. I hope I explained this ok. Sue

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