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Review on JS FO's


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Well I got a bunch of samples and just thought I would share my opinions on them. BTW, I just have to give kudos to Becky and the gang, what a customer oriented group they are:thumbsup:

The following were poured in IGI 4794:

Strawberry Jam - oob smelled like Strawberry Jello when in the powder form, which I love...LOL. In the wax, didn't smell as much that way, but still reminded me of Strawberry jello. Very good hot and cold throw. Rocked my very open big house.

Vanilla Patchoulli - loved this one oob and wasn't disappointed once in wax. I don't smell patchoulli at all. Hot throw on this one less than 24 hours from pour was outstanding. It is a soft, sultry kind of perfumish - but really kicked for me.

Cherry Slushee - This one was also burned less than 24 hours from pour and you could smell it from almost the minute it started to melt. I am not sure I have ever had a candle throw this well right off the bat. It is a good smell..dd said it reminded her of black cherry. It sort of did me too, but was different...more cherry?

Tahiti Sweetie - this one is rocking and rolling my house as we speak. I have this one out being tested by a gal who just got back from Tahiti and wanted something that smelled like the Tiare flower. I haven't heard back from her, but I am digging this one. What a nice bright smell. I think will be perfect for summer.

Mimosa Mandrain - I really liked this one a lot. A very nice orange smell that had a great hot throw. No fuel smell at all.

Amber De Napal - really liked this one oob, but not as much in the wax. Just because I think it is smells very amberish and I am started to realize that is a smell that isn't so great for me. This is a very exotic fragrance and different. I think many people would dig this. Softer hot throw for me than the others.

Carmel Cinnamon Latte - Smelled just like coffee out to the bottle, but man could I smell the cinnamon once it hit the wax. Which was a pleasant surprise. Hot throw very good.

I have more to wax, but these were the ones I was most curuous about. The next ones to pour are Holiday Wassail which I really liked oob, rhaposdy, and celestial waters. I didn't like pink peppercorn oob, but since a lot of people on here have said it is good, I think I will reserve judgement until I wax it.

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Hi Sharon - the wax that I tested these FO's in is IGI 4794 which is a paraffin blend. I use it for both my votives and clamshells/tarts and has always worked well. JS seem to work well in this wax for some reason. I know the review was wordy, but I always appreciate the reviews even if they are wordy...LOL....so thanks for appreciating them too!

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