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Out Of State Fundraisers

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I am getting a few requests for these.

I have always done local fundraisers to avoid the shipping.

Have any of you done any major fundraisers with shipping.. Is it worth it for you?

How do you pack your product (50 lbs or less) and how are the shipping fee's.

I currently pack my candles for orders of 12 in its original case and put that inside another packed box..

I would assume you all just put a couple of cases inside a larger box and stuff it good with padding???

I am just curious how you all handle the large shipping orders.

Any help would be appreciated.


:cool2: :cool2:

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I can get three 12 pk cases in an 18x18x18 box. That is just under 70 pounds (Fed Ex limit before the shipping is almost double for excessive weight).

For the shipping question: my contract states that they are responsible for shipping.

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