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please help!

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I made a container candle yesterday for someone as a housewarming gift. It's soy, type unknown. The FO is brighterscents Banana Nut Bread. The house warming party is tonight, and now the top of the candle appears to be sweating out the FO. I'm just letting it sit for right now hoping it re-absorbes it by tonight. If not I plan on just taking a paper towl to it and soaking up the excess. And suggestions on what I should do?? And what I should do in the future?

I only put in the same amount of FO as everyone else says they do. 1 oz of FO to 1 lb of wax.


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i have that problem with candles at summer shows and i just use a kleenex, paper towel wipe the oil off, i have not had any trouble afterward with them not burning properely and weird enough it doesn't seem to affect the scent throw.

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