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Bath Salts in Bulk


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Looking for a little pricing help. I've been asked to give a price for bath salts in bulk ... I'm sure we're not talking about a tub full but I want to be fair.

I didn't know if I should give one price per ounce no matter how much they buy or break it down per every 5 lbs.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Currently I sell my bath salts for .50 per 2 oz tea bag - so .25/ounce.



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The jars that she wants to have filled are going to take 2lbs of salt. At .25/oz that's $8.00 per jar.

I can just about fill 3 bottles at a cost of $10 so that's about .10 per oz - if I charged her .20/oz that would be $19.20 total for three jars. I think at this time she has only 6 of these type of jars. So that would be a little over $6/jar for her to fill.

Am I confusing ... I think I am - but it's also been a long day! Sorry I seem so lost on this but candles are more my thing so this has thrown me off a little.

I don't buy bulk supplies because I don't sell a lot of salts so I'm still giving WallyWorld or Big Lots my $$ for the salt supplies.

Thanks ...

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