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Soap balls


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I was curious what your opinions were on something. Last night I made a batch of HP and it turned out well. I went to cut it this morning, and it wasn't cutting the way I wanted, so I started to make 1 1/2 in balls. I saw this in a book once and thought what the hey. The soap is quite hard and seems quite long lasting for a day old HP. I was thinking of selling them at the flea market in a bag of 4 or 5 and calling them soap nuggets. It probably won't be a permanent seller since I like CP better. But the flea market is tomorrow. I know that everyone seems to say that HP should have some cure time before selling, but since they are soap balls/nuggets and are smaller pieces and most likely people would use them one at a time, do you think it would be ok to sell them tomorrow? Usually I would wait, I just thought that since they are smaller in size, it would be ok. What do you guys think? TIA!

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