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Another question about FO's


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I don't consider Cool Citrus Basil to be a light fragrance but a summery one. I think its a nice fo and would be nice in soap IMO. I think Green Clover and Aloe has a very green smell and would be very nice soap in too. I"ve only poured it but have never put it in any B&B.

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I always start off with 1 oz ppo and then adjust down or up as necessary. Most FOs I've found are O.K. at 1 oz ppo but I think too it has to do with how strong of a scent you want. How do they smell in your soap? Do you think the scent is strong enough?

The Cool Citrus Basil was strong for me in soy wax and since the the Green Clover and Aloe is a very green scent to me, I think they are pretty light. It was nice and light in my soy. But who knows how they will be soap.

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