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Soy Wax with adds as lotion/cream?


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I have read about people using the soy wax on their hands and it got me thinking about creating a soy wax hand cream/lotion/body butter.

Has anyone tried this?

The New Advanced NGI wax has a melt point of only 110 degrees - so it would melt (and does melt) on contact with the body.

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Does anyone know where I can find information on the "properties" of soy wax?

I can find info on soy in Foods but not for topical use (on the skin).

Does it still have Vit E left in it? Are there any healing benifits when used on the skin? Does it retain or add moisture? Does it "soften" the skin like a pariffin wax (salon Wax Treatment)?

I have searched on Google and can't seem to find any info.

I just have to figure out what to do with all of this wax - crips - almost 50# that I Can NOT make work in candles.

Thanks for any and all information, suggestions or hints!

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