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How to post a picture

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Most people upload their pic to one of the free hosting sites, like www.photobucket.com, then copy the link from the pic on the hosting site and use the icon that looks like a postcard with a mountain here to paste the link in the post. The picture will show.


I would like to download some pictures of a couple of candles that I made. But when I try to download it, the pictures are to big and won't take them. Can anyone please help me, and let me know how to make my picture smaller. Thanks, guys!!!:undecided
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Do you have some sort of photo-editing software? If so, one thing you could do is use the HELP feauture & search for "resize image" or something to that effect.

It's really just a matter of going into your program, opening the specific pix, & then resizing it, perhaps under EDIT (might depend on which program you're using). I find that I often have to resize mine down to 25%, which usually gets me under 100 kb. If there's an option to maintain proportions, select it. Lastly, save your image as a .jpeg. Gif is ok, but I never use gif 'cuz it has a much smaller color range & I just don't want to lose that much detail in my images.

Another thing you can do to get rid of extraneous 'stuff' is to crop your pix so that you have just your candle & a little bit of background.


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