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If someone can help me with this or point me in the right direction I would be forever greatful.

I have a presto pot for the heating/melting of my wax, ideally I would like to keep from putting my FO and/or color in there if I can. I have 3 of the pour pots (someone was selling a lot on ebay) how do I keep the wax hot enough and add the FO at the right temp?...

Do I heat the wax up to the temp that is called for on the instructions and then pour into the pot then adding the FO at the temp that those instructions call for (or what in the future my testing shows to be best) then pour into containers?

This is the way that I understand to do it from what I have read and seen, please tell me if I am wrong or way off track. and any advice on how to keep my pour pot warm before I add the wax would be great.

Thanks so much for all of your patience with my questions and excitement,


Edit to add that I am doing container candles to start out with and using starter kits from peak and mc to see how I like their respective service and products.

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Yes, you have it right. If you heat the wax up higher than to add the fragrance, which the instructions should tell you to do, it won't drop that much when you pour it into the pot. It does help to have the pouring pot warm. Sometimes I have mine in the oven set on low, but most times I warm it with my trusty heat gun, which you will notice on the board everyone thinks is a must have!

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