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Are the same type of wicks created equal?


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If I tested candles with an HTP #62 from one supplier -- and then order these wicks from another supplier, will my candle burn the same way???? :confused:

I forgot to include these wicks in my recent order. Now, if I order them alone, it will cost me $4 in shipping.

I need to place an order with a different company and I could include these wicks in my order but if I'm not going to get the same results, I'd rather pay the $4 and have peace of mind.

What has been your experience with mixing wick suppliers?


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Usually, but not always. I'd test with your most "difficult" FO to see if you get the same results...

Sometimes they have a different coating that will change the burn slightly. Even worse, sometimes you can buy a new batch of wicks from the same supplier and they won't work the same!

That's happened big time twice that I can recall. A bad bunch of zincs - 51s I think? And the manufacturer 2 years ago redid the specs on HTPs so new batches burned differently...

I suggest any time you get a new batch of wicks, do a couple of tests just to make sure you aren't surprised. You'll probably be fine, but it's nice to be sure.

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