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Ceda Serica, BW 924 & Coco84X

Milk Machine

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These are the waxes I'm testing. I'd like to settle on one but wouldn't mind working with 2. BW 924 seems to be pretty new. I base that assumption only on the limited number of companies that carry it and finding 0 reviews. Has anyone here worked with it? Candles &Supplies 

say that it cures in like 18-24 hours! I just poured some test candles and the CT with 924 after 18 hours is very good. The CT with Ceda Serica is pretty poor. Is that normal for Ceda Serica? I know it has a 2 week cure and wondered how much that effects CT. Basically has anybody worked with both Ceda & BW924 & can compare the 2? Or compare either with Coco83 or Coco84? I like the CT & HT for Coco84X (with some added SP487). I started looking into BW924 as a coconut apricot wax without any paraffin. I think it is soy based. Is Ceda also soy based? Also, most descriptions say Ceda has a "minuscule amount" of paraffin. Coco84X has a "very small" or "small" amount of parffin and BW924 is paraffin free. I'd like to use little to no paraffin which is why I look at these 3 waxes. Thanks for any insight, experiences or opinions.

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Hi there,


With the ceda serica wax the 2 week cure time makes a HUGE difference in the CT and HT and burn time. When I initially pour it and it sits for a few days there's barely any CT. After two weeks its much much stronger. I never get any sink holes, tunneling (unless wick is too small), or have trouble with it. I usually use about a 9-10% fragrance load depending on the fragrance and it seems to work great for me. I love working with this wax. I've just started experimenting with adding SP487 to it. Waiting for it to cure now and will report back with how it turned out and effects the CT/HT, burn time, etc. I wanted to try the SP487 for when I have to ship candles in the summer months, hoping it hardens the wax a bit because Ceda is a VERY creamy and soft wax. I have had a hard time wicking it and almost have it perfect. My candles are a little trickier to wick because I put crystals, herbs, and other decorative bits in mine. So finding a wick that can with hold all of that and not burn too hot or clog too much has been a challenge. I'm curious about the BW 924, I haven't heard of it but am interested in using something that has no paraffin myself. I aim to have my candles be as clean and non-toxic as possible. I have horrible allergies and want my candles to be allergen friendly for other folks like me :)

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