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Help Wanted with Mal's E-commerce!!


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Got all my basic stuff set up...

Started to use the mbutton to load buttons.

Where do I put the HTML codes to get it to post on my site.

I think i understand the HTML I need, but I don't know where to post it to see if it works on my website..

I know some of you computer genius's will be laughing your *SS off,

but this is the first time I have attempted this.. :tongue2:

;) So please be kind to me!;)

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Sorry I cant help you, just wanted to let you know that I had the same problem. Emals isnt set up to be very user friendly, is it? I finally just decided to give up. I know that isnt a very good attitude, but I have other things that I can be doing better with my time than going insane................:P :p :P

Dont be a quitter like me, it just wasnt a high priority for me at the time. Im sure someone who knows where to put the HTML will chime in here.

Good luck, and if I hear or read anything that may help you I will be sure to let you know!

Pam in da UP

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I just downloaded mButton to see what it did. Looks like once you enter all your information and hit GO, it gives you the html form that you need for your button to work. If you click on it, it looks like it automatically copies it for you, so all you have to do is paste it...

So, on the webpage where you have your product, you need to paste that code somewhere near where you have your description and picture.... put it where you'd like the button to show up....

Not knowing what your page looks like... you probably have some kind of table going on , with rows and columns. Put it on a row, somewhere inside the < td > paste stuff here < /td >.....

Form html can be kind of tricky, because it includes things that don't show up on a webpage, and things that do.

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I dont know what mals E commerce is but from what I get from you is they provided some button and some links, right?

Well those links are added to your html, htm, files via any html editor. basically is that your adding the button that would say add or buy and add the link to that button in your personal html editor and uploaded to the server where you website is (www.mysite.com).

what software are you using?

what's your website address?

give me a link to Mal's

I'll try to simplify it If I can get some more info.


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Hey Pam.

Thanks for the input... This is enough to make ya nuts!!!!!

There has to be a simpler way to explain this to people...ya know!!

I have figured out out to get the buy buttons on my site... YEAH..

The support screen had an area where you just type in your ID# and product, then you cut and past the HTML and put in on you webpage builder.

(That little tool was made for people like me) And All that HTML babble makes no sense to me.

Going to work on the drop down now menu now....YIKES.. :shocked2:

I will keep you posted..

When I figure it out, I will let ya know... Maybe then I can help you..;)

Thanks Robin and favoritcritic too... It is all starting to make a little sense now...

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